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Love the pants!

Super comfortable pants and I wear it to sleep too. Doesn't stick to the skin and looks good too

Good material - love it!

Material was good & fits perfectly!

Great product

Material was good & feels comfortable!

Nice fit

Very nice compression and looks great!

Love love love

I love these so much! I got 3 pairs in this material. It’s so comfortable, looks amazing, and has pockets! I would buy these every time!

Niciely fit!

Wanted a high waist and 7/8 length kinda bottom for jogging. Was recommended to try this series and I love it!
material is considered thin and just nice for sg weather.

Special design..

Not easy to find sports bra with special design... a toga is really nice to have and it’s provides good and comfy fit.


You don’t sweat in the heat with these tights! Extremely comfortable. The side pockets are so useful for your hp. And you don’t feel the weight of your phone in the pocket!!!!!


The material is soft and comfortable. If you are looking for sport bra with hooks, you must try the Vivreactive Embody Sport Bra.


Soft and seamless. This nude bikini goes well under white skirt or dress too. Very comfy for everyday wear.

Super soft.

The material is so soft and comfortable to wear for workout and even lounge at home. Definitely one of the brand I would go for in terms of exercise leggings.


Nice comfy and the seams are snug yet no VPL. Bought to try… will get more but 1 size up as I prefer fuller coverage.

Love it

Nice print, soft feel, great fit and support. Didnt slip or budge during workout.

From mat to street

The material is soft and moisture-wicking. It's stylish enough to wear it to the streets.

Non slipped mat

The mat is non slipped. Love the stability it provides.

a little bit long for me, but the quality is pretty good!

Comfy top

My go to brand for yoga wear! A soft and comfy top for pre and post yoga/ exercise!

Soft and comfy material

My go to brand for active and yoga wear. I like how soft and lightweight the material is. Do consider having padding insert! ;)

Comfortable sports bra

My go to brand for yoga wear! Fits well and comfortably!

Lightweight and airy

This tee is perfect for this insanely hot weather. Do wish it is just a wee big longer


These shorts are so comfy, and so many pockets! The pockets on the inner tights are great for phone and valuables, keeping everything snug and secure.

New fav leggings

The cut is perfect and so faltering. Even though the material is ribbed, nothing nasty is showing which is very crucial. Highly recommended

Love the racer-like cut at the back

The comfort level is like a second skin. I love the racer-like cutting at the back and the best part, the arm hole doesn't cut into the armpits. Hence no armpits fats! 😆
Would be good if there were bra paddings 🙃

Comfy and Chic

This pants elongates the legs! I love it :)
The material is soft and doesn't hug the skin tightly. I use this pants for dance and it really stretches as far as your legs can go! (Haha.)
Loved it so much that I have this in both green and black 💋👍

Would Purchase Again

Good fit for someone who has stumpy legs.

For reference, I'm 153cm, 52kg - wearing size 4.